Haven’t You Had Enough?

Ready for change

Enough of living a half-life.

Enough of living in a chemically induced stupor.

Enough of living in an uninspired state.

Enough of wasting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Enough of shoveling money into your empty voids.

Enough of being thrashed around by the involuntary thoughts in your mind.

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Automatic Writings

Into the Abyss

Drowning in myself

A cold, lonely, October morning.
A dark, spacious, empty room.
A young man — desperate and destitute.
This one, finally alone,
is Overcome.

This is what you wanted, no?
Alone, stripped to nothing, and it’s all the same
But it’s never been more clear
That you keep running the other way
How could this be what you want?

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Something Within Me . . .

A journey within myself

I once came upon a cliff.

Below it: an endless ocean of possibility.

Something within me wanted to swim.

But something else, desired only to preserve my life.

And this something else was stronger than I, for I lived through this something.

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The Muse

It has a will of its own

The Muse has always had your back.

But you haven’t always had its.

And though it won’t hold a grudge, it’s likely hidden itself away.

For it was banished from your false kingdom long ago.

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