Automatic Writings


I is the only problem.

The idea that you exist is the problem

In separation of anybody

You will carry on after your body has disappeared

Because you are the indivisible that

Change eternal

Permanence is a delusion

Any and all ideas of permanence are the cause of all our suffering

We suffer for what?

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Automatic Writings

Chef’s Kiss

Wants us to drink rice liquor. Dinner table of a five-story townhouse. Works for the UN. Has been to my country. X bashful.

Just one of those if we must sir. Only if we must. Can of “Hanoi” goes to my head.

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“Chef’s Kiss”

Automatic Writings

Fine Cuts

for the discerning individual, seasoned to taste, served with a smile

a part of me, as solitary as i am, as uninterested, disgusted, appalled, apathetic, about almost every one, and every thing,

i am still, quite terrified of being alone
not because of the solitude
but because i quite literally become some one
or some thing, entirely different
and i fall through the earth

Two worlds.

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“Fine Cuts”

Automatic Writings


Paralyzed. Take me to cookie cutter island. Can’t hear the stark reality of it all. Afraid, aware, too awake? Something wrong? Thinking this is wrong is the problem? I don’t know

Nice cubed squares. Smutty ink. Preposterous mind fucks. What does it all mean?

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Automatic Writings

The Haunting

And so it’s back with a vengeance.

This rubber banding–its elasticity is increasing.

What have I done to cause this?

Nothing at all.

It just happens, like a haunting.

A haunting because I have become forsaken, in forsaking the world, forsaking its people.

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“The Haunting”

Automatic Writings


No excerpt.

Automatic Writings

Goodness Gracious Me

Silence . . . silence . . .

Oftentimes I avoid it, trading it for the pleasures of music.

But what a sacrifice.

What a misstep.

Even now as I write this work, I merely date and do not title.

To shout at the wind as if to speak magic words: one seeks disappointment knowing they’re to be wisped away in the arid, predictable flurry.

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“Goodness Gracious Me”

Automatic Writings

Ghosts II

I wanted to speak with you, but I’m not sure how because I don’t know who you are.

You don’t?

No. I used to think I did. But that wasn’t really you, was it?


Another ghost?


Then whom do I speak to now?

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“Ghosts II”

Automatic Writings

Everything in Its Right Place

Back in my own boots.

Not looking is what allows me to see.

No more getting twisted up in the roots.

No more trying to create waves when there’s no wind.

Either it’s captured, or it dies.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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“Everything in Its Right Place”

Automatic Writings

Don’t Look Up

It’s been a while. Stay a while.

Let me tell you about the daggers hanging, handles spinning; blades heavy, and ready to fall.

I knew they were there. I could hear them calling me.

“Don’t look up,” I thought.

Daggers in the ceiling.

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“Don’t Look Up”