Haven’t You Had Enough?

Ready for change

Enough of living a half-life.

Enough of living in a chemically induced stupor.

Enough of living in an uninspired state.

Enough of wasting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Enough of shoveling money into your empty voids.

Enough of being thrashed around by the involuntary thoughts in your mind.

Enough of being around those who are unserious about life.

Enough of discussing the news, weather, and everything else people run towards to avoid the truth.

Enough of settling for less.

Enough of wasting away in front of the TV.

Enough of getting lost in endless YouTube-viewing-sessions, throwing away the precious hours of the day, unable to remember why or what.

Enough of waking up, only to spend 8 hours a day doing that which you hate.

Enough of your emotions flying high and low like a yo-yo.

Enough of going through the motions.

Enough of requiring entertainment, like a child.

Enough of viewing your life as distorted events and stories.

Enough of living a lie.

Enough of putting things off, year after year.

Enough of setting New Year’s “Resolutions” you know you won’t follow through on before you’ve even begun.

Enough of kidding yourself.

Enough of living as a blind man, trying to make his way through a dark abyss, with nothing but a Bic.

Enough of pretending you don’t know what you want, because you fear not getting it.

Enough of pretending you don’t know who you are.

Enough of smothering your greatness.

Enough of putting forth a false self-image.

Enough of wasting your youth.

Enough of disrespecting your body, and health.

Enough of avoiding the inevitable, knowing it will have the final say.

Enough of seeking bouts of happiness, only to be proven that they’re fleeting, again and again.

Enough of pretending that secrets don’t exist, and that maybe, just maybe, there’s things about this life that you don’t know.

Enough of pretending science has all the answers.

Enough of pretending destiny doesn’t exist because “they” say so.

Enough of not living up to your potential?

Enough of not being true to yourself?

Enough of ignoring your true self?

Enough of faking that everything is “okay”?

Enough of being a new-world slave?

Enough of being subject to the pains of attachment, guilt, and the need for pleasure?

Enough of pretending there isn’t an undercurrent of despair surrounding everyone you know, in every situation?

Enough of pretending you don’t have a quest you’ve turned your back on?

Enough of believing conventional wisdom and advice is going to create anything but a conventional life?

Enough of putting off living your life until that “one thing” is taken care of?

Enough of ignoring the grave reality that you’re going to die someday, sooner than you’d care to know?

Enough of speaking to false constructs designed to portray an image, rather than human beings?

If you haven’t had enough yet . . .

It’s likely you’ll never have “had enough”.

Never will you reach that cliff; that precipice.

Never will you arrive.

You will die unsatisfied, in profound discontent.

For on your deathbed, you will catch a glimpse of what could have been.

You will regret never having “had enough”.

You will regret having followed the herd.

You will regret accepting the lies of society.

And it will be this insurmountable weight of regret that will take your last breath.

Or maybe . . . just maybe . . . you have had enough.

Then what?