Automatic Writings

Dylan’s Inferno

I have forged myself in hell and I’m not afraid to say it.

Did it have to be this way?

Of course not.

I’m just telling you like it is.

Wipe the blood from your nose Youngblood.

I already told you.

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“Dylan’s Inferno”


A Note on Being

A being comes to another and asks, “How to be?”

A being laughs and groans.

If a being asks how to be, is he not ignorant of his own being?

He has likely discarded his own being long ago.

(But how could he discard what he is?)

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“A Note on Being”


Naked Snake

Swab the decks men, swab the decks. I’ve got the galley fully loaded and headed for outer haven. I’ve got my eyes toward the sky and beyond. My telescope turned into kaleidoscope. And that day in my tomb and I couldn’t see?

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“Naked Snake”

Automatic Writings


I is the only problem.

The idea that you exist is the problem

In separation of anybody

You will carry on after your body has disappeared

Because you are the indivisible that

Change eternal

Permanence is a delusion

Any and all ideas of permanence are the cause of all our suffering

We suffer for what?

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In the Mind and Without

A non-fictional account of a pathological pursuit.

An innocent offering.

A compassionate bleeding.

I have felt, in the most genuine sense, that there’s nowhere to go in this life.

And this was true. It is true.

But how could I know, I would find a valley so vast?

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“In the Mind and Without”

Automatic Writings

Chef’s Kiss

Wants us to drink rice liquor. Dinner table of a five-story townhouse. Works for the UN. Has been to my country. X bashful.

Just one of those if we must sir. Only if we must. Can of “Hanoi” goes to my head.

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“Chef’s Kiss”

Automatic Writings

Fine Cuts

for the discerning individual, seasoned to taste, served with a smile

a part of me, as solitary as i am, as uninterested, disgusted, appalled, apathetic, about almost every one, and every thing,

i am still, quite terrified of being alone
not because of the solitude
but because i quite literally become some one
or some thing, entirely different
and i fall through the earth

Two worlds.

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“Fine Cuts”

Automatic Writings


Paralyzed. Take me to cookie cutter island. Can’t hear the stark reality of it all. Afraid, aware, too awake? Something wrong? Thinking this is wrong is the problem? I don’t know

Nice cubed squares. Smutty ink. Preposterous mind fucks. What does it all mean?

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Selfish Gods

A selfish god wouldn’t make a very good one.

Good to who?

Primarily itself.

If it were selfish, it would experience the exquisite array of all the pains life has to offer.

Pain is pain.

But it’s an entirely different animal when it lives in existential terror.

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“Selfish Gods”

Automatic Writings

The Haunting

And so it’s back with a vengeance.

This rubber banding–its elasticity is increasing.

What have I done to cause this?

Nothing at all.

It just happens, like a haunting.

A haunting because I have become forsaken, in forsaking the world, forsaking its people.

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“The Haunting”