Automatic Writings


A dissertation on anger

Location: Phuket, Thailand
Sub: Anger
Alternative title: Easy, Tiger

Words, oh words, will you suffice?

Sometimes you suffice. This is true.

Well, let the fingers do the talking.

I got some thoughts about anger. I got some thoughts about hypocrisy, and violence, and ego.

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Automatic Writings

Nakeedo Sneeko

In the eye of the storm

In the Jungle now. Sorta. You know I wouldn’t go that far. I’m not that crazy.

But I’m crazy enough to desire the darkest nights, the loudest rains, to wake in the AM in witness of gutters broken and trenches freshly carved.

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Automatic Writings

Declaration of Nothing

So what?

dim it all the way down so i can’t see myself
can’t see over my shoulder, nothing to whine about
nothing to, tell you to shut up about
no complaints, nothing to paint
over the cracks, white wash
scrub off all the past, wouldn’t even know it
didn’t even know it

all i write is trash
i just wanna make sense of something
just wanna communicate to you
that im alive
that i feel
that i care and that i don’t
that you can figure it all out and it don’t mean a thing
who cares if one is suffering?

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Automatic Writings

Feet of Clay

Society of lies

It’s about independence. It’s about sovereignty. It’s about ruthlessness. It’s about peace. It’s about suffering. It’s about truth. It’s about lies. It’s about, I don’t need you to know what it’s about. It’s about–none of this. I don’t–do you know what it’s about?

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Automatic Writings

Dylan’s Inferno

Forged in hell

I have forged myself in hell and I’m not afraid to say it.

Did it have to be this way?

Of course not.

I’m just telling you like it is.

Wipe the blood from your nose Youngblood.

I already told you.

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A Note on Being

The truth about who you are

A being comes to another and asks, “How to be?”

A being laughs and groans.

If a being asks how to be, is he not ignorant of his own being?

He has likely discarded his own being long ago.

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Naked Snake

Hermetic eccentric

Swab the decks men, swab the decks. I’ve got the galley fully loaded and headed for outer haven. I’ve got my eyes toward the sky and beyond. My telescope turned into kaleidoscope. And that day in my tomb and I couldn’t see?

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Automatic Writings

Table of the Gods

Roguish saint

See I’m all these things and so are you,

Roguish saint and an angel, blue-eyed too

Learned from the mercs and bad guys too

Never bad to seek the truth even if you get lost too

Witch doctor, crypt stalker, tomb raider (see you later)

Ancient pyramids, ancient truths,

Tiny little diamonds plucked out the bottom of their tooth

Where am I at?

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Automatic Writings


The dissolution of self

I is the only problem.

The idea that you exist is the problem

In separation of anybody

You will carry on after your body has disappeared

Because you are the indivisible that

Change eternal

Permanence is a delusion

Any and all ideas of permanence are the cause of all our suffering

We suffer for what?

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In the Mind and Without

Transcending the mind

A non-fictional account of a pathological pursuit.

An innocent offering.

A compassionate bleeding.

I have felt, in the most genuine sense, that there’s nowhere to go in this life.

And this was true. It is true.

But how could I know, I would find a valley so vast?

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