Automatic Writings

Ghosts II

I wanted to speak with you, but I’m not sure how because I don’t know who you are.

You don’t?

No. I used to think I did. But that wasn’t really you, was it?


Another ghost?


Then whom do I speak to now?

It’s no different just because the timeline’s shorter.

This, might be true.

But what value would I get out of me?

What kind of question is that?

One given an answer.

The only lasting value you can get out of anyone or anything is from yourself.


Questioning yourself?


That’s not true.

It’s not.

But when you do it’s glorious. Why?

Because none of it’s real and even a small crack shines a great white light.

And when there’s no light it’s dark.

When there’s no light it’s dark.

Will you get there?

I think so.

Why do you think this?

Where else would I go? It’s either I stay or I go, and I can’t stay forever.

You wouldn’t have it.

I wouldn’t have it.

But forever isn’t as long as you think.

This is true.

You’ve already experienced “forever”.

This is true.

Your calculations were wrong.

This is true.

The “speed of life” is immeasurable.

This might be true.


Immeasurable, maybe. But one can understand.

Time dilation?

That now is the most swollen time will ever be.

That is so.

It is so.

But one cannot live this way with an unclean mind.

Why not?

I don’t know.

An enlightening confession.

The thought that it cannot be makes it so.

I think so too.

Maybe you know so.

I’ve experienced it.

But you do not understand it.

I fail to understand why a mind would want to sabotage itself or its host, yes.

But it does.

It does.