Life lived in limbo — what’s the opposite?

Not stopping. Not getting hung up.

Not falling victim to a mind that gets stuck on any one issue, as this getting stuck is fatal.

How could it not be when time itself is the lifeblood of life, itself.

And so when we sacrifice our time to our anxieties, insistences and worries, this is very much fatal.

It is no different than dying. The future is not guaranteed.

All that is certain is the moment. The time you have Now — not one hour from now.

Because as sure as minutes become days, hours become lifetimes.

To have your time stolen from you by the mind, to surrender your life to it — you may as well lock yourself in a pillory and await the guillotine.

A fluid life. A mind that is free, and immovable; not attaching itself to any one thing.

This is the key to the magical kingdoms for which you long.

And if you look you will notice that it is happening at all times.

So much so, that even if you noticed it you will most likely “check out” and succumb, seized by an invisible undertow.

But it also means that the opportunity to see and learn is available to you always.

Even in something as simple as walking down the street, or sitting where you sit now.

The hang-ups are a clarion call. If something strikes you it’s begging for your attention; begging to be dismantled.

And you mustn’t get hung up on this either.

But the answer is not to shove your problems into the far corners of your mind; to live in fear of fear, lying in wait for it to show its teeth.

When you understand yourself, it begins to lose its grip over you.

It’s about reducing the fear of the unknown into the known: something you understand.

Because when you understand something it has far less power to control you.

This is non-negotiable on the path towards the immovable mind.

You must see all of yourself. You must have clarity.

You must see yourself in others.

You must notice the thin plastic film of mind that coats your vision; each and every thing, and each and every person.

The world is created by your mind. The world begins and ends, with you.

While this may be perceived as a massive responsibility or undertaking, it may also serve as a massive source of inspiration.

At the end of the day, all things in life come down to you.

You can have it all. You can reach heights unimaginable. You can become untouchable.

But it can only be done by understanding that it is your mind, and only your mind, that does the “touching”.

No matter what happens on the outside, no matter the external circumstance, it is you who has the final say.

This is your gift as a sovereign individual.

How long have you surrendered your sovereignty? How long have you looked to the other, to the external?

How could you surrender this God-given right?

And knowing this, how could you continue to do so?

The power that lies dormant within you is unimaginable. Taste but a morsel and you’ll feel an unmistakable energy that will quite literally shake you.

You’ll wake up to who you really are, in stark contrast to who you’ve been pretending to be.

This is the Cataclysm through which you must walk.

And nobody can hold your hand. Nobody can coax you. Such things serve as the ultimate barrier to the path.

All people to which you speak will prevent you from walking the path.

All words ingested from those ignorant to the path will keep you from it.

All connections unsevered with the pretending, the unknowing, keep one blind to its existence.

Any notion of the necessity of another, any need from another, any external action required: any such illusions serve as the stitching that keeps this barrier sewn.

As I write these words, I write them for myself.

But I know you’re out there. I know you exist.

Whether you read this five days or five years from now.

And do not make the mistake of labeling myself or another as a gatekeeper. You are the gatekeeper!

Only you can access your power.

Only you can follow the knowing that leads to it.

And you will. On that glorious day you will.

You will no doubt slip and fall.

You will no doubt fall back into illusion.

But one day, you will remember what you have forgotten.

And perhaps this time you shall not fall again.

Perhaps this time you will remain, Eyes Wide Open.