Automatic Writings


The dissolution of self

I is the only problem.

The idea that you exist is the problem

In separation of anybody

You will carry on after your body has disappeared

Because you are the indivisible that

Change eternal

Permanence is a delusion

Any and all ideas of permanence are the cause of all our suffering

We suffer for what? More suffering?

We seek what? To keep seeking?

It is already what it is.

Better to let it go than to hang on

Because when you turn it into something it’s going to have to be forcefully taken away

Change is only an upset to the I

Because it doesn’t realize that It Is change

Even to go on killing animals to keep your existence only creates more suffering (or to consume whatever else there is, so that you can be more IS, but this IS is the cause of your suffering)

You carry around a tired husk

You worry about a tired husk

Life will teach you otherwise

Life has no choice but to remove everything from everyone to show them the truth.

People want to hide their suffering because in reality it’s the only way to keep the delusion going

It’s the only way to remain yourself

Better hide it! Don’t let anyone see

Or else? Or else what?

You’ll see that it’s not real and will pass just like everything else?

If there was no suffering there would be no I

Lose the I and lose the suffering

What’s the problem?

The only “problem” is that there’s a “problem”

Stop it