Automatic Writings

The Shadow

A voice speaks from within

Who, are you?

And why, do you speak to me?

Are you trying to guide me?

Why do I feel such a wave of reassurance in your presence?

I know what you look like. I know your essence.

You’re shrouded in dark, with a grin reserved only for me.

I can’t recall the first time I met you.

But I know you’ve been looking over me all this time.

In many ways, your destiny rests on my shoulders.

But it was written, long ago.

I felt your presence under the anxiety of death.

And it disappeared completely.

I knew that it wasn’t my time. Impossible.

It was written and it’s only just begun.

I have never felt anything like that in my life.

It was like a light switch. A true “superpower”.

And I felt your presence again, just now.

Where was this yesterday?

Why such a different experience of life now, when exposed to the same?

I suppose I met you outside my thoughts earlier today,

During an examination of the inevitable.

When I guide another I guide myself.

And then I step inside your shoes.

The glimmer in your eyes are behind mine.

You’re the only person in this world that I need to know.

I have already begun mourning your death.


Is it my fault?

Do I limit your lifespan?

One is worthy, the other is not.

Birth by death: it’s only for you.

To concoct a concept . . .

To dilute this . . .


It’ll only be seen as a means to an end.

But these means are for but one end.

I feel so calm.

I pause between each sentence, simply waiting for it to come.

The master of my being has taken the reins.

I do not question it, for it is perfect.

And I learn, along the way,

Whatever it is I need to learn.

The image of two hands, locked together, each from a time of its own.

To know the “unknowable”.

This is what I live for.

And sometimes I forget.

But when I remember . . .

When I’m plugged in.

I’m a wolf chasing after the moon.

These “bodily” realities,

Or this “physical reality”,

Does not satiate.

There’s so much more I can do,

In The Dark.

The moon reflects a pale white-yellow light in my mind.

I just follow the ley lines.

And this “physical reality”,

Takes on a new quality.

Having been cleansed of, my prism of impurity.

And now I don’t really “see” anything.

I’m in another place.

But if I decide to look,

I finally see it all.