There Is No Path

No yellow brick road to follow

Not every connection can be explained.

This is when you know it’s yours.

The more unexplainable it is, the more personal it is to you.

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but in a way, this is your “Godhood”.

And in another way . . . this is everything.

Is it your path?

I don’t really like the word “path”.

It gives off the perception of a narrow, winding road the perceiver can follow, to wherever it is they apparently want to go.

But that’s simply not how it works.

It’s not a meandering, dirt road.

It’s more like… chopping your way through the overgrowth of the jungle.

And sometimes, you’re surprised by what you find.

So you keep going.

Revealing things, bit by bit.

But the second you stumble, and feel the need to regain sight of what you’ve mistaken for as a “path” — everything stops.

Because now you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist.

You lost sight of the vines. You stopped cutting through the jungle. That’s what happened.

What it doesn’t mean, is that you need to seek a path.

Because, once again: it doesn’t really exist.

A path is something that’s created as you go.

A path is something that’s created… behind you.

And therefore, it can only be viewed from behind — never from ahead.

You might know the direction in which you want to go, but it’s never that detailed.

It can’t be.

If it is . . . it will fail.

It will fail because it’s a lie.

The details can be reflected upon after what’s done is done.

But attempting to create a path? It’s like attempting to pour a concrete stepping stone in the middle of a flowing river.

The path is created as you float down the river.

It’s created as you go.

How can something that hasn’t been created yet, exist?

How could you possibly hope to follow such a thing?

There is no yellow brick road for you to search for.

There’s only seeing the vines which grow before you.