The Game You’ve Been Duped Into Playing

Lead astray

Human beings are silly creatures.

All too often we assign value to the valueless, and to a surprising degree, the detrimental.

Like children, we see another’s desire for something, and immediately react in a knee-jerk like fashion, “deciding” we want it for ourselves.

Whether this is wealth that cannot be taken to the grave.

Social status that keeps us a slave.

Or literal poison.

We “decide” we want it — without really deciding.

The mind of man is weak and impressionable. It cannot resist the call of the Hivemind, and willingly surrenders its sovereignty.

You might argue that some of these games, such as the social game, are deeply ingrained in our biology.

And you might be right.

But this remark is only made to allow yourself the luxury of mediocrity. To brush aside all possibilities of transcendence. Because you have no true desire to do so.

Even if this were the case, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s not transcendable. I would argue that natural evolution is a long and arduous process of transcendence in of itself.

But such ideas are largely a waste of time.

Transcendence can be had here and now. And such a thing is not as outlandish as it may sound.

In truth, it has been done many times before. It’s not breaking new ground.

But it’s an absolute must on the path to mastery, as one who is beholden to the Hivemind, will not have the bandwidth to master his own.

One must come to know the true nature of one’s chases, and the games he plays. Only then will he begin to understand that they’re not of his own choosing.

Such a realization cannot take place within the Deathgrip of society. If everyone around you is a beggar, why would you see yourself as one?

Just look at the people around you: in your place of work, in the restaurants you go to; in the street, and the social media feeds you scroll through.

What are they seeking? What are they looking for?

By whatever group or sphere to which you belong: from where does the pleasure being sought after arise?

If you can discover the source of pleasure, you can discover the game being played.

Do you even enjoy this game? Or are you playing it simply because everyone else is?

You might not even belong to a group.

You may consider yourself a lone wolf.

But there is no doubt a sect of the world you belong to: a shared thought process, or framework you subscribe to.

And no matter how rebellious — no matter how “red pill” you believe it to be: it is most certainly mediocre and limited, due to the very fact that it’s agreed upon — regardless of how exalted it may be.

Such a thing may have, at once, contained truth.

But as soon as it became a “thing”, and attracted the humans of the world (most of which simply seek respite), it immediately became diluted.

The problem isn’t that it’s a game. The problem is that it’s a game that goes nowhere.

If pleasure is the main motivator, it will be shallow, and without the ability to truly satisfy.

It will be shallow, because if pleasure can be found on the surface levels, why would the pleasure addict go any deeper than this?

If one is serious about becoming a master, he will drop all childish notions that “he does not seek pleasure” because he’s heard that “it’s bad”.

He will be honest with himself in order to discover the games he’s been duped into playing, and the true motivations behind his daily actions, big and small.

Instead of seeking pleasure, from the delusional belief that he doesn’t.

So what is the benefit in seeing the game for what it really is?

What is the practical value?

If one sees the motivations behind the fruitless games he’s been playing, he can become free of them by way of transcendence.

And once he is free, he is free to play a game of his own choosing.

A game, which just might lead to the ultimate.

A game, which has the power to instantly transform him each time he plays.

A game, of his very own creation.

A game, which allows him to leapfrog the noise and the rabble.

As he leaves the shell of his former “self” behind forever.