Seek and Speak

The truth seekers manifesto

I do not know what led me down this path. All I know is that the fire to do so has been burning within me for years. I can honestly say that the only thing that prevented me from doing so earlier was the world; giving it credence.

Those unmistakable feelings of truth were the only thing I had. Alas, even these were not enough, in a world full of half-truths. The people who know certain truths and seek to send them out into the world fail when they succumb to peddling half-truths and belief.

This is why I say I have nothing to teach. The only thing to take away from this is that the truth can only be understood by discovering it firsthand.

I cannot verify all of my words. To attempt to do so would be futile and imprisoning. But what I can verify is that anything that comes from ego is tainted by untruth, and you would be a fool to think I have none.

The truth bleeds through the page when the writer is ready to bleed. Anything he forcefully conjures will be tainted, because even if it’s the bona fide truth, the way that it has come forth strips it of all its power to move people.

The last thing people need is more information. People have so much information these days they can’t even see straight.

What this world needs is more people blazing their own path, lighting the world on fire, and smoking out the falsehood.

What we don’t need is people who feel their image is something to be worshiped. Because this is exactly what binds people. This is exactly what makes people feel like they’re not enough. They see the world worshiping lies, and think they must lie too.

Truth is so rare in this world that to be a speaker of truth feels akin to bearing the burden of the cross. To willfully crucify oneself.

There’s too much ego in calling oneself a “truth seeker”. Not because it’s bad, or unrighteous to be one: quite the opposite.

But because of the intent!

And all too often the intent is to add the sheen and fragrance of righteousness to one’s identity.

The world doesn’t need more self-proclaimed “truth seekers”. What it needs is Truth Speakers.

You want to do “good” in this world? You want to be righteous? Put your money where your mouth is.

Bear “the burden of the cross”.

Expose yourself to all the lies you’ve learned to love.

Do it publicly. Make an art of it.

Break the illusion, one person at a time.

I have no hopes for this. In fact, I have quite the dreary outlook on the world and humanity. I am only stating the facts.

Do away with all the labels. You’re only fooling yourself.

If you wish to state something, how about stating what it is that you actually do?

Or perhaps you’re not even aware of what it is that you’re actually doing (and therefore propagating)?

Everything begins and ends with self-image. We’re indoctrinating our kids into a sick way of life. Your entire day to day existence is based on serving this image, and therefore you have no choice but to propagate lies.

Nobody will hear these words. The one or two who do can only help by ending the charade they call themselves, creating the possibility of a ripple effect. But this cannot be done with such an outcome in mind.

And if we’re being honest, looking at what’s happening in society today: you should have zero hope of such a possibility.

With the ways of indoctrination growing in sophistication each and every day, to merely save yourself would be a miracle.

For years I’ve tried to make sense of things. It is truly astonishing to wake up to the reality that nobody knows anything.

All we have are cryptic messages that rely on their cryptic-ness to sound attractive and proper.

People don’t even understand the things they read, and feel this adds to its prestige, and therefore their image of being “cultured”.

This is why I feel plain language is so important. You cannot hide behind plain English. But you can hide behind all sorts of wishy-washy words such as “light” and “spirit” and “love” and “oneness”.

The greatest truth speakers to come will be those who do not hide behind flowery language designed to diffuse an aroma of sanctity.

Perhaps they will be those who actually intend to make the truth understood. Not because they hope the masses will understand them (they won’t). But because simplicity itself lends its hand to purity and truth, itself.

Or perhaps they will be those who couldn’t care less if anything is understood, for the very same reason.

Perhaps the greatest of all, will do both.