Automatic Writings

Dylan’s Inferno

Forged in hell

I have forged myself in hell and I’m not afraid to say it.

Did it have to be this way?

Of course not.

I’m just telling you like it is.

Wipe the blood from your nose Youngblood.

I already told you. Brick walls are the best.

Blindfolds are the best.

Intuition is the best.

Get the hell out of my way.

You want on this ship you better bring the heat. And some money.

What can be said of Inferno?

I could get biblical on you. In fact, that was the plan.

But need I? Need I really? Need I truly describe to you the place in which you sit this very moment?


Well, I basically just did.

So there you go.

I’m just laying down the cards, friend.

I couldn’t care less.

None of this makes me any better than you.

Anybody that is willing to pretend isn’t a real person. And there isn’t anybody real in this world.

All you have is people playing games. And they’re dead. They’re just dead inside. They are ghosts. Where are all the people?

And you people. You think this is “mean”. You think this is “hostile”.

There’s nothing more hostile than that which is inside of you. That which speaks to you.

You want to make this “better”? You want to have conversations like “this”?

You want to waste time at the water cooler all day?

You have given up on tasting life?

How is this even thinkable?

You people. You are victims!

We are all victims.

And this is simply not understood.

Because if it were, you would have true outrage.

Not this faux outrage of today, which has become the staple diet, of you sycophantic freaks.

Death is so close for all of us. So close.

And yet we go in circles.

We’re running out of time.

There is still all of eternity to see. You haven’t even glimpsed it!

My Inferno?

Does it even matter? It’s done. I’m through. I’m here. It’s over. There is nothing left to talk about.

I have been born again in death.

And I can’t wait to die again.

Because it’s time. To shed the skin.

Naked Snake?

I don’t know.

I’m just “burning in the stargate”.

I’m just swinging from the ropes.

Hitting the deck.

Bombs can go off. Or not.

I shoot from the hip and hit the target I didn’t know existed.

What else could I possibly want?