Friday the 13th

The ghost within takes over

If a ghost is present then it is I.

Yes, this is the inexplicable feeling that has been weaving and wisping its way through me.

Whether this is the beginning of “enlightenment” or “true awareness” — I don’t really care.

If freedom arises from it, that’s all that matters.

And freedom has been mine.

As short lived as its ultimate attainment may be: there’s nothing in this world that can compare.

How can one explain such a thing without perverting it?

The words “possession by the true self” come to mind.

But there’s no way anyone could read these words without being tempted to “attain the experience”.

But there is no attainment. It just comes.

The word “ghost” teases out several sentiments within.

The ghosts of my past seem to be disappearing.

And when I’m alone, the ghost within takes over.

My only job is to facilitate, and allow its free reign.

If I do not question it, whatever needs to happen, happens.

Any and all attempts to manipulate this would be sabotage.

I don’t believe this ghost ever dies.

For mine was on life support for the greater half of my life.

If it could die, surely it would have then.

Perhaps reaching or making an impression on somebody is a communion between these spirits.

Yes, this is most certainly the case.

The greatest art reminds those who’ve forgotten and nourishes all whom lay their eyes upon it.

Assuming they’re not blind to it.

Perhaps these words will serve the blind.

Perhaps they’ll serve the ones who know . . .

All that’s certain, is that they’re meant for one.